You have the choice to direct your own care by choosing a caregiver you’re familiar with.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Service (CDPAS) is a Medicaid-based program which allows patients and family members to designate a Personal Assistant they are well acquainted with, including a family member, friend, or neighbor.

This self-managed care system gives you the freedom to hire, train and supervise your Personal Assistant, giving you full control over who provides your care and how it is provided.

Personal Assistants require no previous homecare experience and can provide a wide range of care services, including personal care, assistance with the activities of daily living, mobility as well as skilled nursing services. No formal certification is required to enroll in the CDPAS program.

As a Personal Assistant, the benefits are endless. There’s no need to forfeit your current income as you can earn a competitive salary, spend quality time with your loved ones, continue growing your retirement plans, pension plans, and social security benefits, receive medical benefits and accrued time off, among many other benefits.

The CDPAS program offers flexible hours and shifts based on the patients’ individual preference and schedule. Personal Assistants can hold a regular full-time job as well as part-time hours with their loved ones so there’s no need to forfeit your regular employment and salary.

Here at GRC, we oversee all CDPAS fiscal arrangements, such as enrollment to managed care, all the necessary paperwork, program orientation and payroll. We assist you through the entire process, starting from the evaluation process to determining your eligibility and number of care hours you’re allocated as well as continued check-in throughout your experience.

Areas We Service

Geriatric Resource Home Care is proud to serve dozens of households with our in-home care services in the New York City metropolitan area, including:

• Brooklyn, New York

• Queens, New York

• Manhattan, New York

• Bronx, New York

• Staten Island, New York

• Nassau County, New York

Our Services

Geriatric Resource Home Care is here to serve households in the New York metropolitan
area with quality in-home care with services such as:

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